My First English Page


Being a stamp collector, I surf the web looking for stamp collecting sites. To my disappointment, I have observed, most of the stamp collecting sites on the web are commercial sites. Of course, I have seen a few home pages that attempt to discuss stamp collecting without talking about the dollar value of stamps, but then again those home pages generally have not much to say about stamps. Their emphasis is on the unusual  background music, scrolling text, animated GIF's, lot of banners etc. on their pages. I, therefore, decided to put together a site by myself which will attempt to discuss stamp collecting purely as a hobby without the distraction of animated GIF's, banners and background music. This being my first attempt to publish a website in English, I know it will be far from perfect. But, at least, it is a beginning. I shall try to improve on it in the future. Your words of encouragement and constructive criticism will help. Thank you in advance for your suggestions. 

About Me

I have been collecting postage stamps since 1950's. I do it for fun, for pleasure. It is just a hobby. I do not collect stamps for profit. I do not look at it as a business. Unfortunately my job didnít allow me in the last ten years to spend enough time with my hobby, but now I have the time for this activities especially during wintertime or rainy days. In fine whether I prefer gardening or lying in the sun!.

I am a European stamps collector. I do not concentrate on any particular country or any particular theme. I collect stamps of all European countries. I have thousands upon thousands of stamps. I collect new and used stamps. But the last 20 years my missing lists from nearly all countries are enormous. So I try to get these stamps by exchanging because I have lots of German stamps.

 What I can offer

At my German pages you can find many "Have-Lists" from the stamps I have twice or more - but this stamps are listed by numbers of the German "Michel-Katalog". If you do not have this catalogue you can not use this lists. So I start my English activities with the stamps of BERLIN from which I have really more than enough. I made a catalogue where you can look for the number of each stamp. I can offer all stamps from Berlin from 1954 to 1990 and most of the older ones too as ** and O. (** = mint never hinged, * = mint, O = used). I can offer too nearly all German stamps from old to new. New German ** stamps in EURO value I will exchange only to EURO stamps from other countries in face-value. If you have a Michel-Katalog you can navigate at my German lists. Some words translated: Fehlliste = Missing-list, Tauschliste = Have-list

I too try to get converting lists from other catalogues to MICHEL. Look at this page

NEW: More and more catalogues are finished, look at the catalogue page!

 What I try to get

When I started my internet activities I had a lot of empty places in my GB collection.  Now - thanks to all collectors who helped me - my collection is nearly complete. Most empty places I have now in my newer France book. I know, French does not like to speak English but I hope I will find at this way too a collector in France who wants to exchange with me. But I have too a lot of empty places in other countries! If you live in an "exotic" country I will start a collection from your country as I did with New Zealand or Israel when I found friends there. Last year I started a collection USA and will soon write a missing list with numbers from SCOTT catalogue but it is not so easy to translate the MICHEL numbers to SCOTT numbers, it needs a lot of time! With exotic countries I will too exchange 100/100, 500/500 or any other number of different stamps you want.

 I'm waiting for your mail, Dieter


   To my lists and so on



Abbreviation Index for Stamp Collectors

MMH: Mint, Never Hinged; The stamp has never been hinged and has the original gum as issued by the PO
OG: Original Gum
LPOG: Large Part of Original Gum
POG: Part of Original Gum
GD: Original Gum Disturbance
NG: No Gum
NGAI: No Gum As Issued
Unused: A stamp that has no gum or is regummed
MVLH: Mint, Very Lightly Hinged
MLH: Mint Lightly Hinged
MH: Mint Hinged
U: Used
VF: Very Fine; selvage presence, plate or die varieties and scarcity.
VFU: Very Fine Used
HR: Hinge Remnant
MC: Mixed Condition (Faulty to Fine)
B.O.B.: Back of Book
S/S: Souvenir Sheet
PB: Plate Block
FDC: First Day Cover
SCV: Scott Catalog Value (US Dollars)
US: United States
WW: World Wide